Navigating the Complex World of Non-compete Agreements: A Comprehensive Webinar for Employers

Non-compete agreements—contracts that prohibit employees from working for a competitor for a defined period of time after their employment ends—are under attack at both the state and federal level. Many states’ laws already restrict or ban the use of non-compete agreements (more states are expected to follow suit), while the Federal Trade Commission has proposed a nation-wide prohibition on non-compete agreements and the National Labor Relations Board’s General Counsel has recently opined that overbroad non-compete agreements violate the National Labor Relations Act.

Join Matthew Damm, Jennifer Gutenberg and Oliver Katz of Fenwick’s Employment Practices Group as they explore the history of non-compete agreements, how and why non-competes are used (including in connection with the sale of a business), significant court decisions, recent state and federal developments, and practical tips on how to navigate the increasingly complex non-compete legal landscape.

CLE credit will be available to attendees (pending approval).


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