Pay Ratio-Time Has Come Today

Hosted By: Fenwick & West LLP

Non-exempt reporting companies must make their first CEO pay ratio disclosure in their 2018 proxy statements and need to start preparing now.

Despite many predictions that the CEO pay ratio rule will be repealed or delayed, there is no indication that any such relief will be provided.

Please join Fenwick & West and Compensia for a presentation on how to jumpstart compliance with the CEO pay ratio rule. Among other things, we will discuss the process and tips for:

  • Working with your consultant
  • Determining your employee population, including the appropriate treatment of foreign employees and/or independent contractors
  • Selecting a compensation measure and determination date to apply and to identify the “median employee”
  • Assessing the most effective way to collect and analyze the necessary compensation data
  • Calculating annual total compensation for the “median employee”
  • Drafting the required disclosure, including a look at the initial voluntary disclosures in 2017​


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