Planning for Shareholder Engagement in 2022

Hosted By: Fenwick

Today, shareholders are increasingly demanding input or corporate accountability on a variety of issues, ranging from executive compensation and human capital management to board and c-suite diversity, among others. As a result, most companies will need to establish an approach for effective engagement with key shareholders.

Join Brian Kelly, Deputy General Counsel of DocuSign, Hannah Orowitz, Corporate Governance Senior Managing Director of Georgeson and Fenwick attorneys David Bell, Katherine Duncan and Ron Llewellyn to discuss best practices for development of a stockholder engagement program and to share real world anecdotes of engaging with key shareholders, paying specific attention to consideration of factors such as purpose, timing, participants and legal requirements. The conversation will also include predictions for shareholder priorities and voting trends for 2022.

Topics include:

  • Why, when and with whom should a company engage
  • Preparing for the engagement & meeting structure
  • Legal considerations
  • Anticipated 2022 corporate governance trends