Revamping China's Law in the Midst of Trade War: What's Happening Lately?

Hosted By: CALOBA

​​While the headline news tracks every ebb and flow of the trade negotiation between the US and China, the accompanying infrastructural changes in China’s laws and regulations have escaped the mass media’s attention. Yet these changes have far-reaching impacts on cross-border transactions in the business world, and legal/business professionals may exploit these changes and gain advantages over their competitors. For this event, CALOBA invites leading attorneys versed in corporate and IP laws of both countries to give a primer on these substantive changes, utilization of which will be explained by key in-house counsel that are in charge of implementing the business rules of engagement in multinational technology companies.

It’s a special opportunity for the Bay Area’s legal/business professionals to learn the latest developments in China’s foreign investment law, customs clearance, technology transfer requirements, and much more, as well as how to take advantage of them.

Fenwick partner Mark Ostrau and his fellow panelists will give an overview of China's law/regulation revisions to counter the impact of trade war and advice on how companies may explore them.


  • Mark Ostrau, Partner, Fenwick & West LLP
  • Chen Gu, Head of IP Legal, Lime
  • Adam Li, Partner, JunHe LLP
  • Parker Zhang, Legal Director, Baidu USA
  • James Zhou, Partner, JunHe LLP


  • Andrew Klungness, Partner, Fenwick & West LLP