RightsCon 2021 Conference

Hosted By: RightsCon

Fenwick is proud to sponsor RightsCon 2021, the world’s leading summit on human rights in the digital age. The 10th annual conference will take place virtually on June 7-11, with a lineup of more than 500 panels and participatory sessions.

While RightsCon has a strong international civil-society focus, it addresses many issues and challenges that our clients face, including issues that may give rise to liability and litigation. A number of important technology and online services companies also sponsor the conference.

The sessions cover a wide variety of digital rights issues related to the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Algorithm
  • Civil Society Resistance and Resilience
  • Content Control and Censorship
  • Cyber Norms, Accountability, and Practice
  • Democracy, Elections, and Political Participation
  • Digital Security for Individuals and Communities
  • Freedom of the Media
  • Futures, Fictions, and Creativity
  • Human Rights-Centered Design
  • Interne Access, Education, and Inclusion
  • Internet Shutdowns and Network Disruptions
  • Justice, Documentation, and Investigation
  • New Models for Business and Labor
  • Next Frontier Technologies
  • Online Hate and Violent Extremism
  • Organizational Growth, Impact, and Resources
  • Peacebuilding and Digital Humanitarianism
  • Privacy and Surveillance
  • Trade, Innovation, and Intellectual Property

More information is available here.