Startup Law and Fundraising

Hosted By: Business Law Seminar Group

Join Fenwick & West partner Andrew Harper and general counsel Paul Swegle for a half day program focused on everything startup founders need to know to build on a solid foundation, raise funds successfully and legally, and avoid common startup-derailing missteps.

Learn how to:

  • Determine the best entity structure for your business based on financing plans, ownership and control expectations and tax objectives
  • Choose between forming in Delaware or your home state
  • Raise money properly from friends and family, angel investors, VCs or through crowdfunding
  • Avoid common mistakes when issuing stock, options or other interests, or borrowing under convertible notes or other debt instruments
  • Protect your cap table from early fundraising and equity distribution mistakes
  • Prevent and/or mitigate potential friction between co-founders
  • Structure and manage relationships with investors, employees and others for maximum value
  • Identify and protect critical intellectual property
  • Organize a virtual data room for potential investors or acquirers
  • Avoid other legal and regulatory mistakes that often harm startups, their founders and their investors