The Most Significant Employment Law Developments of 2012 - What They Mean For Your Business in 2013

As in past years, 2012 produced many significant state and federal legal developments that affect the workplace. Employers will both endure, and benefit from, these new laws. The Fenwick & West Employment Practices Group invites you to attend a complimentary briefing, where we will summarize the most important developments from 2012, and offer recommendations to effectively comply with significant changes in the law.

The presentation by Daniel J. McCoy, Allen M. Kato and
Sheeva J. Ghassemi-Vanni will summarize developments in several areas including:

  • Wage/Hour: Relaxation and clarification of rules regarding meal and rest breaks, exempt status and "rounding" of work time; new wave of class action "suitable seating" cases; new rules regarding commission agreements; and other developments regarding sales commissions.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity: EEOC guidance regarding use of criminal history information; new California law heightening employer religious accommodation obligations; and other developments regarding gender, age, disability and race discrimination and harassment.
  • Leaves of Absence: New FMLA regulation expands scope of military "exigency" leave; other developments regarding when employers are (and are not) required to afford FMLA leave.
  • Privacy: New federal limits on employer attempts to restrict employee use of social media on and off work; new California law expands employee rights to inspect and obtain copy of personnel file; new California law prohibits forced disclosure of social media passwords; federal agency warns that use of background check "apps" on mobile devices is covered by fair credit reporting law.
  • Arbitration: New but conflicting court decisions regarding enforceability, particularly with respect to "class action waivers."
  • Unfair Competition: Important clarification of rules regarding noncompetition agreements entered into as part of the sale of a business.

Join us on January 10, 2013 for this complimentary program as we explain how these and many other developments will impact your workplace during 2013 and beyond.