Your U.S. Economic Sanctions Roadmap- Key Concepts, Agencies, Their Jurisdiction and Roles and Who to Contact for What

Hosted By: American Conference Institute

During this practical opening session, Fenwick trade & national security partner Rob Slack will talk through the key agencies involved in U.S. sanctions implementation and enforcement and discuss the evolving framework of U.S. Secondary Sanctions and Human Rights-related actions including:

  • Basics of sanctions law: e.g., TWEA, IEEPA, Executive Orders, and Designations
  • Introduction to OFAC, BIS, DOJ, State Department, Congress and how they work together
  • U.S. Sanctions Jurisdiction: Extra-Territoriality
  • What are Primary, Sectoral, and Secondary Sanctions?
  • Introduction to OFAC’s 50% Rule
  • Key Licenses and Exemptions
  • Sources of Guidance: Alerts, FAQs, and Enforcement Actions

Enforcement and Secondary Sanctions

  • Enforcement framework and penalty exposure
  • Scope: Menu-based versus Designations
  • Application in Practice
  • Financial Institution Considerations

Intersection of Economic Sanctions, Export Controls and other National Security Rules

  • Russia & Belarus case study: sanctions, export controls, tariffs and more
  • Human Rights: Import controls, export controls and sanctions to target human rights violations and abuses


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