ITC Representation of Suprema in the Matter of Certain Biometric Scanning Devices

By: Jae Won Song, Bryan A. Kohm, Ravi Ranganath

Fenwick successfully defended Korean biometrics company Suprema in an ITC investigation prompted by arch-competitor Cross Match Technologies. Cross Match asserted that Suprema infringed three biometric software patents and one patent directed to an optical system. One of the patents was dropped, and after extensive briefing and trial before former Chief Administrative Law Judge Paul J. Luckern, Suprema obtained a favorable ruling that has no preclusive effect on importation of Suprema’s current products, including findings of non-infringement on most of the asserted claims of the remaining patents.

The Fenwick team was led by Ilana S. Rubel,Jae Won Song, Bryan A. Kohm, Lauren E. Whittemore and Ravi Ranganath.


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