California Offers Lawyers Opportunities to Focus on Tech and Life Sciences

Fenwick corporate partner Scott Behar spoke with Chambers Associate about the opportunity to work with technology and life sciences companies that Fenwick provided him after he moved from the East Coast.

Behar, admitted to practice in both California and New York, moved to California to become more involved with the technology industry—something he was able to do at Fenwick.

“Fenwick is entirely focused on tech and life sciences clients—we have a strict industry focus. That was the biggest change for me, coming from doing a wide variety of deals in New York—manufacturing deals, financial services, all sorts—to really focusing on technology when I came out to California,” he noted.

“My move to California enabled me to work in smaller deal teams and get more hands-on experience,” Behar said. He credited these experiences as being one of the biggest benefits of his career move, giving him the opportunity to be the lead associate on M&A transactions as a fourth- and fifth-year associate at Fenwick.

When asked about advice he would give to associates and junior attorneys considering a lateral move to a firm in California, Behar suggested giving “strong consideration to indigenous California firms. If you’re going to work in California, there’s something to be said for working at a place that is based in California and has strong ties to the community there, rather than just a satellite office of an international firm.”

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