Counsel Ana Razmazma Published in the European American Chamber of Commerce's "Digitalization" Series

Fenwick's Ana Razmazma discusses artificial intelligence, regulation and compliance in a recent article published by the European American Chamber of Commerce as part of their "Digitalization" series. Ana and her co-authors note that AI technology has developed rapidly, making it a transformative force with both significant benefits and unique ethical challenges. As AI regulation evolves in Europe and the United States, businesses must navigate complex and still-evolving compliance expectations. The EU AI Act, the EU Digital Services Act and the GDPR play essential roles in shaping AI regulation in Europe, while the UK and the US have different approaches and patchworks of existing laws. 

Businesses that prioritize transparency, accountability, lawfulness and fairness will be equipped to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence and to enhance consumer trust while unlocking informed decision making and enhanced efficiency. 

Read the full article, "AI Regulation - Latest Legal Developments in Europe and the US" at this link. For more information on developments in this area, please see our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning page.


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