Fenwick’s Amanda Rose Shares Career Path Advice and Wisdom

Fenwick corporate partner Amanda Rose, who became partner in 2019, spoke with Law.com about what it takes to make partner and shared advice and insights on how she did it.

Amanda told Law.com, “It’s about being very clear about your goals and keeping your eye on the prize. You have to work really hard and do high-quality work to make partner. There will be times when the workload seems impossible, but if you keep taking small steps toward your goals, and if you have a positive mindset toward the work and the people you work with, you will progress and you will get there.”

Amanda also advised associates to actively build their networks, especially during a time when business communication is strictly virtual.

“Get out of email and pick up the phone and talk to people,” she said. “COVID has created so many alternatives to easily connect with people through video calls and virtual events. Take advantage of these. It makes it so much easier to attend events, especially for working parents.”

Amanda added that while making partner is a huge accomplishment, it also opens a new chapter: “It’s a tremendous milestone, but it’s not like a magic wand is waved that transforms you and your practice or how the work is done. It’s one step—a big step—in a long career path, and there is so much more opportunity and growth ahead. It’s exciting to consider where I can take my career from here.”

Amanda advises life sciences and technology companies on corporate finance, SEC reporting and governance matters. She has represented issuers and underwriters in a wide variety of public and private financing transactions, including IPOs, follow-on and secondary offerings, and SPACs, among others. She also advises late-stage private companies with respect to general corporate governance and liquidity preparation, and advises public companies on corporate and securities law compliance and disclosure matters.

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