Fenwick Partners Talk About Their Paths to Partnership

Fenwick partners Allison Cooper, Katherine Duncan, Lara Foster, Bomi Lee and Amanda Rose talked to Law.com about their individual paths to making partner, sharing their advice and insights for associates and new attorneys.

Allison Cooper
Corporate Partner, New York

“Five years ago, I relocated to New York to help Fenwick open our new office there. I was one of eight lawyers, and the most junior, and it gave me an opportunity to influence something much bigger than my own practice."

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Kat Duncan
Corporate Partner, Seattle

“When I was a more junior lawyer, I was excited about videogaming and wanted to work with gaming clients. There were a lot of people who told me not to specialize by industry, and that made me question myself. In the end, I found partners who believed in the direction I wanted to take and helped me develop the path I wanted to follow.”

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Lara Foster
Corporate Partner, Mountain View

"I worked very hard over the years to develop a broad base of technical legal skills, to establish bonds with my clients, and to constantly look for ways to evolve and propel our firm, including through mentorship, recruiting, training, and participation on a number of committees."

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Bomi Lee
Corporate Partner, San Francisco

"Fenwick is still at a point where we are evolving and striving to become the best version of ourselves… That creates so much opportunity for new partners and even associates to have a voice in where we go and how we do things, and that’s what makes being at Fenwick so exciting for me."

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Amanda Rose
Corporate Partner, Seattle

"There will be times when the workload seems impossible, but if you keep taking small steps toward your goals, and if you have a positive mindset toward the work and the people you work with, you will progress and you will get there."

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Fenwick actively recruits professionals from diverse backgrounds and invests in their long-term success. We believe that a diverse workforce helps us serve our clients better and fosters an environment of cooperation, respect, creativity and mutual understanding in which everyone thrives.