Fenwick's Unique Culture Draws Top Talent

Fenwick's longtime support for lawyers who wish to work from remote locations was recently covered by The American Lawyer as unique in the U.S. legal market.

Even before the firm officially opened its New York office, two Fenwick partners were already living and working from the Big Apple, partner Mark Stevens told the publication.

“If you’re a really talented lawyer, we don’t care where you live,” Stevens said. Fenwick also has partners living in Boise and Los Angeles.

The American Lawyer also noted that intellectual property partner Stuart Meyer has worked from Williston, Vermont since 1991, where he and his wife moved from Mountain View to be closer to their families when he was a third-year associate.

Inspired by Meyer’s success, Fenwick corporate partner Robert Freedman proposed his own move, also for family reasons, from Northern California to Boise, where he worked out of his home for five years before setting up an office in Idaho’s capital.

Freedman, who now co-chairs Fenwick’s securities and corporate finance group, said the firm has been able to accommodate lawyers working remotely because of its size and culture.

The full article can be accessed through The American Lawyer (subscription required).


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