Knowing When It's Time to Merge and How to Find the Perfect Partner

Fenwick digital health practice co-chair and corporate partner Michael Esquivel was quoted in an Inc. article authored by Thomas Goetz, CEO of Fenwick client Iodine, discussing the startup’s journey to M&A.

The digital health startup had reached a point in their growth when they realized that they should pursue a merger. They began searching for the perfect partner.

“In the end, the best advice came from our ace lawyer, Michael Esquivel, who kept making the same point,” Goetz wrote. “‘Companies don't get sold,’ he told us. ‘They get bought.’”

“We took heart in that,” Goetz continued. “He meant we needed to believe in the company we had built. But he also meant we needed to find a partner that believed in it as much as we did.”

The full story is available through the Inc. website.​​