Lateral Data Viewpoint Works for Fenwick & West

May 7, 2010 (Seattle, WA) — Brad Bonnington, Practice Support & Database Manager at Fenwick & West LLP, discusses the ways in which law firms have utilized Viewpoint's e-discovery technology to cut costs and save time in the Legal Tech Newsletter article "Lateral Data Viewpoint Works for Fenwick & West."

To stay competitive in the rapidly evolving legal industry and dramatically cut costs, more and more firms have integrated e-discovery software platforms as a way to store, move and process electronically stored data. Fenwick's legal team recognized the power of automated e-discovery as far back as 2001, but had to rely on several software applications that together covered the entire process. The challenge was moving data from various locations into one central system. The team eventually in licensed Viewpoint e-Discovery and found that the solution covered major components of the firm's Electronic Discovery Reference Model spectrum including collection and preservation of data, pre-processing, full processing, analysis, review and production.

"Viewpoint can examine anything you can view with the human eye—e-mails, charts, spreadsheets, photos—without converting them to TIFFs or other digital common denominators," Bonnington noted. "This is saving the firm a lot of processing and review time and therefore further reducing discovery costs for our clients."

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