Legal Terms, Governance and Valuations for Up, Flat and Down Rounds with Kristine Di Bacco

Partner Kristine Di Bacco recently joined Andrew Romans, host of the Fireside with a VC podcast, to discuss tough terms for startups in the context of flat and down rounds as well as more punishing terms for startups. In this episode, they delve into:

  • What is common and expected in today’s market for up, flat, down rounds as well as convertible notes and SAFEs?
  • Planning today’s current round in a way to set a precedent for the next funding round balancing valuations and terms.
  • The difference between pre- and post-money SAFEs vs convertible notes, QSBS, etc.
  • What to expect for typical governance, board of directors construction, etc. across multiple financings for startups.
  • Secondaries in the bull market leading up the peak in 2021 compared to today’s 2024 market and what to expect for funding and exits in 2024 and beyond.
  • How she cofounded and built Fenwick’s New York City office and now back in Silicon Valley and understanding differences and similarities in the New York compared to Silicon Valley ecosystems.

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