‘Mockingbird Spat’ Shows Benefits of Light Touch on Copyrights

Fenwick copyright litigation co-chair Andrew Bridges spoke to Bloomberg Law about the advantages of using a light touch when enforcing copyrights.

Bridges noted that some corporations, especially in the entertainment industry, take a “scorched earth” approach to potential copyright violations, but that such a strategy can backfire in court and draw negative publicity.

“Prudent copyright owners are recognizing ‘state of play’ is extremely controversial, and will exercise prudence and restraint,” he told Bloomberg Law.

Bloomberg Law sought Bridges’ comments in relation to a recent example of a “scorched earth” approach gone wrong: Scott Rudin, Broadway producer of a new play based on "To Kill a Mockingbird," drew criticism after he threatened to seek damages for copyright violation from at least eight community theaters staging a different play, written earlier, that was also based on "To Kill a Mockingbird."

The full article is available through Bloomberg Law (subscription required).


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