Partner and Tax Chair Larissa Neumann Talks Playing to Your Strengths with

Tax partner Larissa Neumann’s innovative leadership as chair of Fenwick’s Tax Practice landed her a profile in In a Q&A, Larissa discussed her passion for leading and mentoring—and how that enabled her progression to serving as Fenwick’s first female Tax Practice chair.

“To succeed as a practice group leader be authentic and mindful of your strengths and weaknesses,” she told “Utilize your strengths, hone your expertise and be assertive when you have answers and insights that can be of value to your team and your clients. When there are gaps or weaknesses in your practice, do not be afraid to leverage your colleagues’ strengths and collaborate!” Larissa, who was elevated to chair earlier this year, after more than 18 years at Fenwick, highlighted how “[d]elegation anchored in mutual trust is essential to being an effective and efficient practice group leader.”

Larissa has a passion for resolving complex tax issues and advises companies in the U.S. and all over the world. Keen analytical skills coupled with practical, straightforward solutions make Larissa an expert in tax structuring, resolving tax disputes, and negotiating favorable tax transactions. Clients find great value in Larissa’s persistence, technical expertise, and collaborative approach.

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