SPACs May Cast Wider Net As Competition For Targets Increases

Fenwick corporate partner Ran Ben-Tzur was quoted in a recent Crunchbase article about the future of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and what industries may be the next target for SPACs as growing competition encourages investors to look for new opportunities in tech.

Ben-Tzur explained that SPACs are often driven by value, rather than by a specific market category. He noted that SPACs are often attracted to “forward-looking” businesses, but those that see traditional consolidation, like cybersecurity, can be less appealing due to the added competition.

Ben-Tzur told Crunchbase that Lidar technology for autonomous cars and 3D printing could be the type of “forward-looking” businesses SPACs look at, in addition to software, social media and quantum computing.

The full article is available on Crunchbase.