Talking Venture Capital and Gaming at Casual Connect Europe

Fenwick & West partner Mark Stevens recently moderated a panel discussion at the Casual Connect Europe conference on the financial side of the rapidly-growing game development industry.

Developers seeking capital for development and marketing often explore angel and venture financing options alongside traditional publisher deals and strategic equity investments. In some cases traditional publisher deals are making way for strategic investment or venture capital deals.

Stevens’ panel discussion, entitled “Peak VC Games Investment,” explored what venture capital or strategic investment deals might look like, and how they could be applied to various scenarios. Joining Stevens on the panel were executives from London Venture Partners, Nexon America and Agnitio Capital.

The panelists talked about key considerations when looking at investment deals and where investment dollars are flowing for casual gaming companies in Europe, and discussed the story of mobile game developer Supercell, Inc. (of “Clash of Clans” fame) and how venture capital investments had worked successfully for the company.

The full article is available through the Tag Games blog. The video of the full panel discussion is available through​.​​​