The Personal Touch in Patent Prosecution

Shortly after Fenwick was named one of the top life sciences patent firms by Lake Whillans and MedCity News, partner Michael Shuster sat down for an interview with Above the Law to discuss his practice and area trends.

Shuster, a trained scientist who holds a Ph.D. in electrophysiology, said that he is more excited by the progress being made now than in any other point in his career. “You’re starting to see some previously intractable problems starting to yield. Look at the cure of Hepatitis C: That was unthinkable 10 years ago,” he said. “For the first time in my career there’s a sense of palpable excitement and momentum [in cancer treatment], especially in leukemia and lymphoma.”

He added: “I really do feel like our group is contributing to the work that we’re doing for this incredible client base. They make me feel like I’m doing something important. I feel a sense of purpose and like I’m contributing to solving some of the worst, most pernicious problems people face.”

The full interview is available through the Above the Law website​.