Why the Tech Pre-IPO Market is Still Rocking

August 26, 2011 (Mountain View, CA) - Horace Nash, Co-Chair of the Securities Group of Fenwick & West, was recently quoted in TheStreet.com article "Why the Tech Pre-IPO Market is Still Rocking."

The recent market volatility has caused many corporations to rethink or delay their IPO plans. However, in the face of this IPO slowdown, some start-up technology companies are still moving forward with their plans to go public.

With five companies filing IPO paperwork over the past week, it seems that the market instability is not scaring off these tech companies who are eager to take advantage of this IPO window and the increased interest from investors in Internet and social media.

Some analysts say this could be a risky move for companies rushing to go public before the IPO window closes, but others feel it could work in their favor.

"These are all technology companies which can be quite disruptive," said Horace Nash. "They may not have gigantic revenues and profitability but investors recognize sometimes these companies can be extremely successful and want to get in earlier."

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