Rethinking Online Review Compliance After FTC Enforcement

By: Vejay Lalla , Kimberly Culp , Justin A. Stacy

Fenwick partner Vejay Lalla, counsel Kimberly Culp and associate Justin A. Stacy co-authored “Rethinking Online Review Compliance After FTC Enforcement” published in Law360.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced an enforcement action against The Bountiful Company for engaging in "review hijacking," where the company falsely attributed ratings and reviews to its products. This marks the FTC's first action against review hijacking, aligning with its goals to crack down on deceptive review and endorsement practices. In a previous advanced notice of rulemaking, the FTC foreshadowed several practices it would take to help protect consumers against these misleading endorsement methods.

In this article, Vejay, Kimberly and Justin discuss the proposed rulemaking and what businesses that market product reviews or endorsements online should do to ensure that they do not draw the ire of the FTC.

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