Advancements in AI: Insights for In-House Counsel in Consumer Tech, Digital Media, Games and E-Commerce

By: Eric Ball , Andrew Klungness , Vejay Lalla , Stuart P. Meyer , Jennifer Stanley , Tracy Randall , Zach Harned , Adine Mitrani

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming business, including the consumer and entertainment industries, from personalized recommendations and content creation, to chatbots and virtual assistants.

In this video series, Fenwick lawyers and in-house counsel, all on the cutting-edge of AI, cover what counsel at technology, media, games and e-commerce companies need to be thinking about now around AI and what changes they can expect, including:

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The State of Play in AI: Opportunities and Challenges for Your Business

Fenwick’s Vejay Lalla, Jennifer Stanley and Andrew Klungness were joined by Arjun Ravi, corporate and commercial counsel at Discord, to discuss the recent explosion of AI technologies in the entertainment, games and consumer technology sectors. They also cover new AI-related developments in the intellectual property and legal landscape.

Evolving AI Provider Terms of Use: A Compliance Roadmap

Terms of Service for companies using AI products should address a range of legal and ethical concerns related to the use of AI technology and should be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the company and the AI product in question. Fenwick’s Tracy Randall and Vejay Lalla with Pra Chandrasoma, vice president and associate general counsel of BENlabs, provide a quick dive into the key considerations that companies should keep in mind when drafting terms of service for AI-based solutions.

Protecting AI-Generated Works and Copyright

As the use of AI in creative industries continues to expand, questions about the copyright protection of AI-generated works are becoming increasingly important. In April 2023, the U.S. Copyright Office issued a groundbreaking decision stating that it will register copyright claims for works created by AI systems, provided there is a human author or authors involved in the creative process. Fenwick’s Eric Ball and Kimberly Culp provide an in-depth analysis of that decision and its implications for creators, businesses and legal practitioners.

The Intersection of Ethics and AI: Charting a Path Forward 

There are broader societal implications of AI in the legal landscape, and a need for a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to addressing these challenges. Fenwick’s Zach Harned, Stuart Meyer and Adine Mitrani dive into these complexities, addressing what are the ethical principles underlying the use of AI in the legal profession, the potential for bias and discrimination in AI systems and the role of legal practitioners in addressing these issues.

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