The Evolution of ESG Disclosure for Biotech Companies

By: Julia Forbess , Ron C. Llewellyn

Despite some recent criticisms of environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and their proponents, demands for ESG information, including by large institutional investors and regulators, are expected to continue. To this end, many smaller public biotech companies appear to be making progress toward addressing the ESG risks and opportunities affecting them and their industry.

To help guide small public biotech companies on their ESG disclosures in a rapidly changing environment, we’ve published The Evolution of ESG Disclosure for Biotech Companies, a follow-up to our early-2022 report Biotech’s ESG Crossroads. It includes more recent trends in ESG reporting and suggestions for how biotech companies can initiate or enhance their efforts.

The good news for small biotech companies is although the costs of gathering some types of ESG data or implementing some initiatives may be challenging, companies can pursue an incremental approach, addressing the “low-hanging fruit” and expanding their capabilities and related disclosure as their operations grow.

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