AI Amuse-Bouche: Sept. 13

Every week, Fenwick’s intellectual property associate Zach Harned puts together a handful of amusing and/or informative AI-related stories trending around the world.

  1. Synesthesia much? Have you ever wondered what a smell looks like? Check out Google’s blogpost on digitizing smell?
    • You may notice that this new advance is eerily reminiscent of an April Fools’ video by Google from nearly a decade ago.
  2. Step right up! Checkout this NYT write up on an AI-generated piece of art that won a prize at the Colorado State Fair; unsurprisingly, artists are less than thrilled.
  3. Need to cool down during this heatwave? If you’re going to take a dip in your neighbor’s pool, you better make sure it’s permitted because AI is on the case. Read more about how French tax officials use AI to spot 20,000 undeclared pools, leading to about €10M in extra tax receipts.
  4. released Stable Diffusion, an open-sourced large-scale text-to-image generator with the weights freely available to use, provided that you agree to the license terms. This model cost ~$600k to train, and apparently, Emad Mostaque, the leader of Stability and former hedge fund manager, footed the bill himself!
  5. Paging Dr. Doolittle. Check out this NYT article on animal translators, people using AI/ML to attempt to communicate with naked mole rats, fruit bats, crows and whales.
  6. Sure, but who cares about what the naked mole rat is saying. I want to know, Did My Cat Just Hit On Me? An Adventure in Pet Translation.
  7. In more animal and AI news, read about this AI-guided fish harvesting system that is both more humane and less wasteful.
  8. Patent lawyers, prick up your ears, because Google just announced its Patent Phrase Similarity Dataset.
  9. National Institute Standards Technology released its second draft of the AI Risk Management Framework.
  10. Meta’s cool new work on using AI to decode speech from brain activity.
  11. More Chiplomacy news. Nvidia, AMD warned of new US export restrictions on AI chips.