Closing Time Podcast: Building Your Startup Board

In episode 25, Halle and Michael discuss the process of building a board for a startup. They cover topics such as the importance of board structure, when to formalize the board, adding independent board members, the primary responsibilities of a startup board, changing board composition, and compensating board members.

This episode covers:

  • Why it is crucial to consider the right board structure
  • How many board members startups typically have at each stage of the company’s growth
  • The primary responsibilities of a startup board including setting strategy, guiding the CEO, and making important decisions
  • How to address conflicts of interest and ensure the right fit for the company's needs
  • Typical compensation for board members

Co-hosted by Halle Tecco and Michael Esquivel, Closing Time is a podcast where you, the listener, get to be a fly on the wall during a startup pitch meeting. Imagine being part of a room where passionate entrepreneurs are pitching their healthcare startups, the innovations that could very well shape the future of healthcare. This podcast allows you to do just that.