Why Fenwick?

At Fenwick, we recognize the enormous value that an experienced attorney can bring to the firm. If you're considering making a career move, we invite you to consider whether Fenwick is the right fit for you. We believe that the more you get to know Fenwick, the more you will appreciate that we have a truly distinctive culture and approach to the practice of law.

What we believe truly sets Fenwick apart is our ability to develop a sophisticated practice working with cutting-edge clients while creating a friendly and collaborative team environment.

We are committed to the highest level of excellence, yet we value and maintain a very enjoyable work atmosphere. Fenwick has critical mass and cutting-edge legal capabilities, and it's also a place where attorneys and staff enjoy working as a team to achieve the goals of an outstanding base.

Our attorneys work hard and enjoy their work, but don't need to fit into any "personality mold" to succeed. We seek out and hire individuals with diverse backgrounds and unique personal experiences. We believe it's that diversity of perspective that makes us highly creative problem solvers and a stronger team.


Current Openings - Attorneys & Legal Professionals

Candidates: We invite you to view our current attorney and legal professional openings and apply directly for anything that matches your interest, experience and abilities.

Agency Recruiters: Please submit candidates through our agency portal.

Compensation and Benefits

Fenwick is committed to paying a competitive salary commensurate with major law firms in our market. The firm also provides a broad range of benefits that promote financial security, work/life balance and a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Free Market System

At Fenwick, associates have significant opportunities to seek out the type of work they want to do and the attorneys with whom they want to work. In fact, associates are encouraged to take that initiative. Summer associates also utilize the free market system, selecting assignments from a wide variety of opportunities. We have found that our free market system encourages associates to take ownership of their careers, develop the necessary contacts within the firm to find work that interests them and maintain positive work relationships. It also motivates partners and senior associates to be invested in junior and mid-level associates’ professional development. While our system offers flexibility, the key is that we actively encourage associates to shape their own work experiences.

Professional Development

At Fenwick, we understand the importance of continuous professional development and believe that the firm is responsible for providing meaningful and unique training opportunities. To that end, we have committed substantial resources to our multifaceted professional development program.

Through our innovative Fenwick University program, mid- and senior-level associates learn how to manage their career, with programs focused on developing and building skills such as leadership, networking, presentations and client pitches, and personal business plans.

Confidential Advisor Program

Partners and senior associates at Fenwick are relied upon to support and contribute to the development of first- and second-year associates. By taking time to listen and understand the experiences, aspirations, and concerns of associates, advisors can provide guidance, support and knowledge, to enhance a first- and second-year associate's professional development.

The program also serves helps build proactive relationships between junior and senior attorneys within the firm, which ultimately benefits all attorneys, the firm and clients alike.


Fenwick's Professional Development Mentoring Program was developed to complement the Confidential Advisor Program for the benefit of associates who are in at least their third year of practice.

For mid-level associates, the Professional Development Mentoring Program focuses on increasing and broadening work assignments and opportunities, access to a variety of partners, and expanding one's internal networks. For more senior associates, the program offers opportunities to explore career options and to discuss professional development opportunities, including business development, with partners.

Like the Confidential Advisory program, each associate is paired with a partner within the associate's own practice group. Once in place, these relationships may remain unchanged for several years. However, either party may request a change at any time and requests will be handled promptly, with sensitivity and without judgment.


Fenwick University for Mid-level Associates
As associates begin the transition from junior- to mid-level associate, it is expected that they are well on their way to developing strong, practical legal skills. At this point they need to start to consider which direction to take, both substantively in the law, as well as in their practice development.

To assist them in this transition, the Fenwick University Mid-level Program examines the realities of large law firm practice, including law firm economics, management and the firm's expectations of associates. Participants will learn the importance of developing both internal and external networks, as well as various approaches to building and strengthening them. They will develop personal business plans, receive presentation skills coaching and, finally, present their plans to the group.

Fenwick University for Senior-level Associates
This program provides participants with an opportunity to stop and consider where they are in their career development and decide where they want to go, both substantively in the law, as well as in their client and practice development.

The program will include some business development content and will focus on what clients expect from their lawyers. Faculty, both from within and outside the firm, will discuss leadership, as well as the development of delegation skills and the management and supervision of teams and handling deals and litigation matters. The program will examine the concept of branding, as well as the brands of the firm, the practice groups and the individual. The program will help participants to consider the partnership question: What if they want to be a partner? What career options are available to them if they don’t want to be a partner? Participants will receive coaching on presentation skills, and, finally, the group will develop personal business plans and work on the development of skills relevant to making client pitches.