Knowledge Management & Delivery

Our knowledge and innovation team of practicing attorneys, MBA’s, legal process engineers and researchers ensures that we bring the full knowledge and capability of our firm to every client’s legal and business needs.

What You Can Expect With Fenwick on Your Team

Our KI professionals work with practice groups to deliver exemplary client service by curating knowledge of best practices and prior transactions, assisting with expertise location, and on-boarding the latest technology and management strategies into the practice of law. In collaboration with other departments, we support the development of alternative fee arrangements, matter management dashboards, records and risk management tools, and new ways to collaborate and communicate, including through intranet portals targeted to specific client needs.

The team is staffed by practicing attorneys, dual-degreed executives with law and business or information science graduate degrees, creative writers, business analysts and technologists. To tackle complex problems, KI serves as a focal point between lawyers and the firm’s other operational departments, such as finance, marketing, IT, professional development and HR, to efficiently marshal the firm’s collective knowledge and deliver value with speed and efficiency.

Our goal is to capitalize on the opportunities of change presented in the current legal marketplace, to serve as a leader in emerging technology implementation and business process innovation for our firm and our clients. As knowledge and innovation evolves, we continue to incorporate the latest developments in data analytics, artificial intelligence and practice economics to meet and exceed our clients’ service expectations.

Take Action

We are always assessing and improving our use of legal and data management technologies to deliver superior client service. If you’d like to discuss ways that Fenwick’s collective experience is captured and applied for the benefit of your company, contact Camille Reynolds at (415) 875-2433 or​.


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