Service Innovation Team

Service Innovation Team

FLEX In-House Legal Support

FLEX by Fenwick helps high-growth companies meet their day-to-day legal needs by providing experienced in-house atto​rneys in a flexible and cost-effective way.

Staff Attorneys

Fenwick's in-house Staff Attorney team - comprised of experienced attorneys with substantial litigation discovery and transactional due diligence experience - is responsible for the efficient review and analysis of documents in connection with large-scale litigation and corporate transactional matters.

Knowledge Management and Innovation Delivery

Our knowledge and innovation team of practicing attorneys, MBA’s, legal process engineers and researchers ensures that we bring the full knowledge and capability of our firm to every client’s legal and business needs.

Legal Operations Support Team

Fenwick’s business and administration leaders work directly with our clients to help ensure our services are delivered efficiently, and that clients get the most out of their relationship with our firm.