Staff Attorneys

Fenwick’s in-house Staff Attorney team—comprised of experienced attorneys with substantial litigation discovery and transactional due diligence experience—is responsible for the efficient review and analysis of documents in connection with large-scale litigation and corporate transactional matters. Supported by Fenwick’s proprietary technology tools and processes, as well as extensive training on client protocols, Fenwick's Staff Attorneys are an integral part of litigation or transaction teams, resulting in substantial savings and efficiencies when compared to other law firms or outside reviewers.

What You Can Expect from Fenwick’s Staff Attorneys

Smart staffing to increase productivity

Our Staff Attorneys include licensed attorneys with an average of 6-8 years of prior legal experience. They not only understand the content they are reviewing, but also the goals of the litigation or transaction to which the review is tied. The result is better legal assessments of relevance and attorney-client privilege in litigation matters, and problematic legal or commercial terms in an acquisition context. This, combined with their expertise in using the firm’s proprietary document review software, translates into 20-50% greater data throughput and accuracy over outsourced document review, temporary document reviewers and traditional law firm reviews. In addition, the Staff Attorney team includes non-JD technical reviewers, which allows the Staff Attorneys to efficiently identify and organize large volumes of documents, lowering the overall time spent on reviews.

An integrated team to maximize efficiency and minimize risk

Because our Staff Attorneys are an integrated part of the core litigation or transaction teams, they are able to work more effectively and efficiently. Changes in matter strategy are immediately communicated, resulting in fewer “lost in translation” incidents. Time-zone inefficiencies are removed and our in-house processing minimizes data sort/search delays. Fenwick’s solution also eliminates third-party vendor costs, delays in accessing data due to time spent “shipping” data across the country or overseas, and the risk that sensitive information will be leaked.

Superior software and process management tools

Fenwick’s efficiencies go well beyond our dedicated review team. Our proprietary and award-winning search software and de-duplication processes eliminate 80% of irrelevant data BEFORE manual document review even starts, which minimizes the amount of data to review and translates to substantial savings to our clients. All review procedures and processes are seamlessly integrated with client procedures and the firm’s technology solutions, and promote knowledge sharing and collaboration throughout the team.