Artificial Intelligence Tools

AI Makes Fenwick Faster, Smarter

AI holds significant promise to reduce our clients’ risks and costs. Fenwick rolled out two new artificial intelligence programs to make our corporate M&A and litigation services even more efficient and effective.

What You Can Expect With Fenwick on Your Team

On the corporate side, we have deployed a tool which uses AI and machine learning to improve document review in the due diligence process. The tool uses advanced machine learning technology to search and analyze text in contracts, giving users a faster initial review and enabling analysis across the entire body of documents in minutes. Its search capabilities were designed for due diligence review and can automate the extraction and analysis of key contract provisions and create summaries in seconds. The result is that our attorneys complete contract review work faster while mitigating risk of errors and unexpected liabilities. Greater efficiency means potential cost savings and more predictable budgeting for clients and enables Fenwick to deliver greater value in terms of the volume of cost-effective contract review we can complete prior to closing.

On the litigation front, we have launched an automated legal research tool. The solution provides tailored and automated analysis, helping us do better legal research—faster. This allows our lawyers to focus on legal strategy and building our clients’ cases.​

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate key legal research tasks narrowly tailored to client needs.​​​​​​

Lawyers simply upload a legal brief into the interface, which then quickly identifies highly relevant cases that are not cited in the brief.​​​​​​

This new process allows lawyers to improve the quality control of their work or expedite research by uploading an opponent’s brief. This tool helps Fenwick lawyers to focus on building their clients’ cases, including discovering valuable legal precedent to add to the arguments being developed, and spend research time more efficiently.​​​​​​

This allows our lawyers to focus on legal strategy and building our clients’ cases.​​​​​​

These technologies are already making a difference in the way we deliver corporate and litigation services to our clients—and we’re just getting started.​​​​​​

Continuing our commitment to innovation and client service, we selected these tools after testing them on real M&A deals and active litigation matters. They saved us time, and cut costs significantly. And that’s a story we like to share with our clients.​​​​​​​​