Service Innovation Technology

Service Innovation Technology

Fenwick Labs

We understand that business moves faster every day. That’s why we established Fenwick Labs—a focused group of IT and legal professionals who develop products that meet our clients’ needs for rapid access to information, and improve the efficiency of how we deliver legal services.

Artificial Intelligence

AI holds significant promise to reduce our clients' risks and costs. Fenwick rolled out two new artificial intelligence programs to make our corporate M&A and litigation services even more efficient and effective.

Custom Trademark Extranets

At Fenwick, we took notice that our trademark clients were frustrated over the lack of products that existed to seamlessly manage their marks, police their brands and interact with counsel on a global basis. So we responded by building one for them.


At Fenwick, we have redefined collaboration among legal teams and clients with our proprietary ShareRooms—solid, secure and highly functional networks that go beyond traditional extranets.


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