Fenwick Labs

We understand that business moves faster every day. That’s why we established Fenwick Labs—a focused group of IT and legal professionals who develop products that meet our clients’ needs for rapid access to information, and improve the efficiency of how we deliver legal services. Whether it’s automated generation of incorporation documents for new startups, intelligent alerts for Patent clients, custom Trademark extranets for managing global portfolios, online term-sheet generation for M&A clients, board meeting workflow software or web services that securely integrate documents from our platform into your internal systems, Fenwick Labs works closely with all of our practices to provide tools that meet our clients’ need for speed and quality.

Leaders in Legal Technology

Because of our Silicon Valley roots, Fenwick has long understood the necessity of pairing legal expertise with technology in order to provide the best possible service and value to our clients. We invest heavily in our technology platform: we were early leaders in eDiscovery technology and were among the first to offer extranets for document sharing and collaboration. Fenwick now hosts more than 50,000 ShareRooms that enable collaboration on all our matters and across all our practice areas. This commitment to leveraging technology is embodied in our “Fenwick Labs” team.

Expect More from Your Law Firm’s Technology!

At Fenwick we challenge ourselves every day to not only deliver outstanding legal services to our clients, but to define the shape of things to come. The Fenwick Labs team gives that definition tangible form. Whether making sure every Fenwick attorney and client has the data and documents they need available wherever and whenever they need them, streamlining complex legal workflows through automation, or providing our clients with timely, understandable and actionable information about the ever-more complex legal environment, Fenwick Labs is on it! If you would like to learn more about how Fenwick Labs products and services can help you, contact our Lab Director.