At Fenwick, we took notice that our trademark clients were frustrated over the lack of products that existed to seamlessly manage their marks, police their brands and interact with counsel on a global basis. So we responded by building one for them.

We created our innovative and proprietary Trademark Extranet to make the entire trademark management process easier for our clients. Transparency is its centerpiece – the actions of our trademark lawyers are visible to clients in real time.

Fenwick’s Trademark Extranet is not a patent management system shoehorned into a trademark application, and clients tell us it is far more robust and intuitive than other off-the-shelf system management products they have used. The benefits to our clients are unique and comprehensive:

  • Get the full picture of your portfolio: Access is immediate, complete and paperless – to trademark data, documents, specimens and evidence for in-house managers and outside counsel.
  • Save time and money: Because all matter information is immediately viewable, there is no need to contact us for routine inquiries.
  • Find exactly what you need in seconds: Easy-to-use tabs offer full searching, reporting and docket management for complete portfolios, individual marks and dispute matters.
  • Easy, real-time reporting: Contents are automatically updated and synchronized to each trademark docket for robust, easy-to-use reporting.
  • Audit trails and complete documentation: Complete documentation tracks and maintains the entire life cycle of a trademark or dispute matter.

Our Unique Approach to Trademark Management

Full coverage for every client

A new extranet is opened for every trademark client. We currently host more than 500. Each Trademark Extranet includes our client’s entire trademark portfolio (for which our firm is responsible), including all specifics on the prosecution, portfolio management and dispute actions that we take.

Distinct enforcement advantages

Fenwick Trademark Extranets address client concerns that off-the-shelf products do not, such as brand management and enforcement. For example, we are able to create a matrix of policing actions that graphically presents the marks, classes and countries that are involved in any given trademark enforcement matter, significantly simplifying policing efforts for your in-house brand managers.

Direct link to Fenwick’s trademark database

Clients can view the status of their marks at any time, thanks to direct data downloads through CPi. This is a unique feature of Fenwick’s Trademark Extranet, and it saves an enormous amount of time and cost.

What You Can Expect from Fenwick’s Trademark Extranet

Independent monitoring of your portfolio and information retrieval

Our Trademark Extranet enhances collaboration with our clients because it is a completely open and transparent platform. In addition to real-time file access, the system incorporates Fenwick’s complete internal trademark database as used by the firm’s trademark department – so clients can see real-time activity on their matters. Clients can also receive alerts on filing or registration status, as well as any upcoming renewal deadlines. It’s a level of empowerment and efficiency that completely opens our processes to client review and participation, and enhances efficiency since clients can independently retrieve files and check dockets, among many other tasks.

Quick and easy access, document retrieval and search capabilities

Our Presto! application makes document uploading and retrieval quick and easy. Clients, Fenwick attorneys, paralegals and staff can send an email alert that a file upload has occurred. File contents use a standardized terminology, so images and text files can be located quickly and easily. Marks can be searched by trademark name, registration number, registration date, owner, country, agent and other criteria.

Real-time information in a secure environment

Fenwick Trademark Extranets give 24/7 access to client personnel and trademark counsel anywhere in the world. The Trademark Extranet provides complete contents of the appropriate client trademark files, including PDF files, emails, documents and any other materials relevant to a trademark matter, all completely searchable and all automatically added to your extranet as they are generated. And once any document is stored in “The Vault” of a client matter, it is a permanent, protected item, completely eliminating the need to store paper copies or to use a third-party storage and retrieval service. All file contents are automatically backed up with multiple redundancies for safety, security and disaster preparedness.

Take Action

We are always assessing and improving our Trademark Extranet program and currently are upgrading to version 3.0 for improved internal time-saving and enhanced client cost-saving. If you are ready to take your trademark portfolio management to the next level, then contact Connie Ellerbach at (650) 335-7663 or​​​​​​​


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