9th Annual Sports Law Colloquium

Hosted By: NYU Law

This conference will feature distinguished panelists and discussions on the prominent legal issues in the world of sports. We aim to bring together law students, industry professionals and revered academics from across the United States to examine the present state of the law and how it may change in the future.

Fenwick partner Vejay Lalla will be speaking on the following panel at 10am:

Name, Image, and Likeness of the Modern Athlete

This panel explores wide-ranging legal issues concerning athlete publicity rights at the amateur and professional levels, and how the sports industry is responding to new business models, modern technology, and the shifting regulatory landscape. Specifically, how has the athlete’s ability to monetize his/her name, image, and likeness changed over the past few years with the rise of social media, streaming, biometric data collection, and other technologies? How has legal sports gambling impacted the value of athlete data and identity? How will the next generation of collective bargaining agreements address group licensing of pro-athlete publicity rights? How will the NCAA deal with state legislative reinstatement of college-athlete publicity rights? Attorneys will learn how the right of publicity applies for college and professional athletes, mechanisms for how these rights are assigned, and the challenges athletes face to protect their rights.