A Conversation with Coinbase’s CFO and Investor Relations VP

Hosted By: Fenwick

As the first major crypto company to publicly list in the United States, and the first tech direct listing on Nasdaq, Coinbase has solidified itself as one of the most groundbreaking listings in recent years. In response to market interest, we have invited Alesia Haas, CFO, and Anil Gupta, VP of Investor Relations at Coinbase to join Fenwick partners Michael Brown and Ran Ben-Tzur in a discussion on strategy.

Why did Coinbase choose to list via direct listing and what are some lessons learned? What issues and considerations were top of mind as they marketed themselves to the public? How did they manage heavy scrutiny from the SEC? And now that they are one of the most widely watched public companies, what’s next?

We will dive into all of this and more. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.