Antitrust—Evolving Global Regulatory Landscape

Hosted By: Fenwick

The antitrust regulatory environment is undergoing a dramatic transformation globally, presenting significant new challenges to M&A activity. In Europe, transactions that previously might have escaped regulators’ notice are now increasingly subjected to new and expanding scrutiny, particularly those in the Life Sciences sector or that involve technology start-ups. Other changes, particularly in the United States, put a spotlight on smaller and “non-reportable” deals involving the acquisition of nascent competitors, while still other changes have, at least for the time being, generated a significant amount of uncertainty in the business community about the analytical framework that may be applied to their deals. In short, companies contemplating strategic transactions now face a more complex and challenging set of regulatory considerations than ever before.

Join U.S.-based Fenwick Antitrust & Competition partners Mark Ostrau, Thomas Ensign and Steve Albertson, alongside U.K.-based Slaughter and May attorneys Jordan Ellison and Jessica Staples, in a jointly hosted webinar as they discuss how to navigate mergers under this evolving regulatory landscape.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • The Biden Impact
  • Rise of the Neo-Brandeisians
  • Ongoing Concerns with Big Tech
  • Areas of Emerging Focus
  • Signs of Closer Transatlantic Cooperation
  • EU and UK Antitrust Regulatory Landscape