Future of decentralization: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, ICO

Hosted By: China America Innovation Network

Viewed as the second generation of the internet (Internet of Value), blockchain has the potential to fundamentally reinvent our economic, financial, l​egal, and social infrastructure. Since 2013, over $2B VC funds have been poured into this field to over 500 startups. Large financial institutions and tech companies are investing tons of resources trying to catch this new wave. ICOs are token sales offered by blockchain companies looking to exchange network access or equity for financing. This year alone, ICOs have raised over $1B, more than triple the total “traditional” VC dollars over the same period. Core development and blockchain governance platform Tezos claimed the largest closed ICO round in July 2017, at around $230M. We bring together founders, experts and investors to delve deeper into blockchain's disruptive potential, covering everything from the hype of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), blockchain as a service, to the evolution of new applications.​​​