Global Transfer Pricing Forum - Europe 2017

Hosted By: TP Week

TP Week, the unique and specialist sister publication of International Tax Review, is pleased to host the 17th annual Global Transfer Pricing Forum in London. The event will bring multinational organisations together with leading advisers from law and accounting firms. As publishers with over 25 years’ experience in the TP space, the Forum will lead the debate on the most significant topics and trends in transfer pricing today, with a keynote address from Jefferson VanderWolk, Head of Division Tax Treaty, Transfer Pricing, and Financial Transactions, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration at the OECD. Maura Parsons, Deputy Director and Head of Transfer Pricing at HMRC will also be addressing the audience on day two.

The Forum is not intended as a traditional educational style seminar. The aim is to facilitate free and transparent debate on topics from BEPS to dispute resolution. As such, taxpayers are invited to openly share experiences of how to deal with a global transfer pricing environment that is c​hanging rapidly.

Instead of traditional press reporting on the event, TP Week editors will lead the debate with their own probing questions for the expert panellists from industry and practice and will encourage delegates to challenge the speakers' opinions.

Contributions will remain anonymous and confidential but themes that emerge – major concerns, and unanswered questions - will be presented in a report which will be seen by all subscribers to TP Week, including the OECD and major revenue authorities.​

Fenwick's Larissa Neumann and Julia Ushakova-Stein will be speaking on transfer pricing in the modern economy during Day Two of the forum.​​​


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