Influencer FraudNomics Summit

Hosted By: Sylo

Sylo presents a one-day summit exclusively for brands, creators, agencies, investors, publishers and tech platforms to come together to understand, discuss, and solve the biggest threats facing the influencer marketing industry including – privacy, measurement, transparency, self-reporting, and the economic impact of fraud across the entire supply chain – which will cost brands $1.3 billion dollars worth of losses in 2019 alone.

Fenwick partner Vejay Lalla and fellow panelists will speak on a panel titled "The Art of the Deal: Contracts, Terms, and Compliance" at 9:45am. Learn more below.

The Art of the Deal: Contracts, Terms, and Compliance

As marketers continue to invest more in influencer marketing, they expect more in return, which leads to even more complex contracts. While the base contracts are straight forward, it’s still the Wild West when it comes to terms, clauses, rates, and requirements that brands, agencies, and creators are integrating into deals.

Some brands are moving away from one-off deals and entering into six month to year long agreements modeled after Hollywood talent deals in an effort to build a long term and authentic content partnership.

However, it is critical for all involved parties to take a step back and understand the importance of standardization, what they should ask for and expect in return, regulatory requirements, payment terms, and more when kicking off a partnership.

Not all influencer/advertiser relationships are identical, so we’re breaking down the first step in any partnership to talk about key deal points, data you should request to see for complete transparency, terms you should ask for to avoid fraudulent activity, and how to verify measurement, reporting, and ROI.


  • Vejay Lalla, Fenwick & West
  • Kieley Taylor, GroupM
  • Derek Goode, Endeavor
  • Susan Brooks, Forefront
  • Keith Bielory, Abrams Artists​​​​​​​