Inside Startup Fundraising - Bay Area Spring 2017

Hosted By: Early Growth Financial Services

Startup fundraising can be an arduous journey. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had your own team of guides to help you along your way?

Relax! Your venture capital sherpas are here.

Our team of VCs, financial consu​ltants, bankers, and lawyers has collectively helped walk thousands of companies down the fundraising aisle -- from identifying smart money to negotiating fair terms and conditions.

Now we’d like to share our common wisdom with you, to help take some of the pain and confusion out of the capital raising process.

Join us for this breakfast discussion during which we’ll cover:

  • The process of a raise
  • Pre-money and post-money valuation
  • Understanding dilution
  • Negotiating your best VC deal
  • Term sheets: what you need to know
  • And more!