Managing an International Data Security Crisis in the Post Sony World

Hosted By: Fenwick & West LLP

​On the morning of February 5, please be among a select group of in-house counsel and compliance/privacy officers who drill-down on a simulated cross-border data-privacy crisis involving a hypothetical publicly traded company. The facilitators will be an international team of privacy and corporate lawyers from Fenwick & West LLP and Olswang LLP.

The Landscape:

21st century information-security and data-privacy compliance have become increasingly problematic, given the ever-expanding universe of data leakage concerns. High profile data breaches, such as at Sony and Target, emphasize the need for all companies—not just retailers—to fine-tune proactive policies and practices for managing sensitive electronically stored information.

Sadly, even for a very careful, diligent company, however, some sort of hack or other compromise of data is inevitable. As a result, a sound compliance regime should include a cross-departmental incident-response plan, encompassing practice runs and strategic planning.

This Unique, “Hands-on” Event:

A short introductory presentation on some key proactive measures will precede an active, lively set of discussions as to how to manage a hypothetical scenario in which a company faces a burgeoning, expanding data-breach crisis.


Chairs: Robert Brownstone, Fenwick & West LLP; Ashley Hurst, Olswang LLP

Facilitators: Michael Brown, Fenwick & West LLP; Spencer Collins, Olswang LLP; Tyler Newby, Fenwick & West LLP; Ross McKean, Olswang LLP; Stefano Quintini, Fenwick & West LLP; Andy Splittgerber, Olswang LLP; Tony Waller, Olswang LLP​​​​​