Managing Your Company’s Equity: Steps to Consider Today to Ensure Success in Your Public Offering and Beyond

Hosted By: Fenwick

The decision to take your company public is one that demands internal preparation months before the big day.

When creating a plan for your transition from a private to public company, share and equity plan management are essential to becoming “transaction ready” and for life as a public company. Equity management has a number of areas of focus, including data integrity, systems and process infrastructure, compliance, and participant engagement. The importance of understanding the tools available and communicating with your employees and shareholders cannot be overstated.

Fenwick’s Per Chilstrom and Jennifer Hitchcock sat down recently with Samantha Adams, Executive Director, IPO Strategy at Morgan Stanley, Katie Shaughnessy, Director of Strategic Pursuits at Computershare, Kathleen Murray, Lead Corporate Paralegal, Securities at Coinbase, and Cindy England, Equity Compensation Consultant at IPO Ready LLC, for a conversation on the strategic steps a company can take to prepare prior to and after listing day.

Please see below for a link to our summary of the webinar.

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