Steps to Consider Now, to Ensure Success on Listing Day

Hosted By: Fenwick

The decision to take your company public is one that demands internal preparation months before the big day.

There continues to be significant interest in the proactive steps a company can take in preparation. Considerations such as selecting the traditional IPO route or an alternative transaction, corporate structure, investor engagement and board governance can all impact your ability to thrive as a public company when the time comes.

Join Fenwick’s Ran Ben-Tzur, Per Chilstrom and Joshua Damm Damm for a conversation with John Orta, Chief Legal Officer and Head of Corporate Development at Nextdoor and Raj Aji, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer at BILL about the strategic steps a company can take 18+ months out from trading day, including how to think about public company readiness in today’s market.

Read key takeaways and view the webinar recording.