The Collision Between Web3 and Consumers in Retail, Sports, and Entertainment

Hosted By: Betaworks

For those of us who don't plan to just live in the metaverse, and continue to shop, go to sporting events, and enjoy real world and physical retail or entertainment experiences, this event will explore how web3 technologies will interplay with traditional consumer behavior.

The range of applications is rapidly evolving, such as ticketing, memberships and other forms of token-gating. Our speakers will cover the specific tools they are building as well as their vision for the future of this space.

The evening will kick off with a virtual fireside chat between Fenwick partner Vejay Lalla and Marshall Sandman (Managing Partner of Animal Capital), followed by a panel discussion between Patrick Workman (VP of Business Development at Unlock), Roxy Fata (Chief Operating Officer, Infinite Objects), Joe Saavedra (Founder and CEO, Infinite Objects), and Marcia Caporn (Head of Revenue, Credenza).

View details about the panel and list of speakers here.


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