Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Fenwick

​Fenwick's blockchain industry co-chair Can Sun spoke to The Politic about the current blockchain and cryptocurrency space and how Fenwick is providing strategic counseling to clients in the blockchain ecosystem, ranging from early-stage cryptocurrency developers to mature businesses, cryptocurrency exchanges, and cryptocurrency investors.

In discussing how Fenwick works with clients in this space, Sun told The Politic, “All of the clients that work with us are genuinely people who want to work with blockchain technology to revolutionize the world. They have an idea, an innovation, and they want to bring it to market, and would like to comply with regulations not only in the United States but also offshore. It’s not unlike other companies in the Valley who are building a disruptive business in an emerging industry.”

Sun spoke to the increasing complexity of blockchain technology and the need for lawyers with expertise in the area.

“As of today, the laws applicable to blockchain technology are extremely multifaceted and varied, from securities, commodities, financial regulation, tax, intellectual property, to esoteric areas such as escheatment and negotiability,” he said.

“Lawyers often come from various backgrounds and no matter where you come from, there’s going to be a lot of learning and digging into the trenches, as well as lots of creative thinking.”

The full interview can be found on The Politic.​​