From Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach, a New Legal Community Emerges in LA

Fenwick corporate partner Michael Brown talked to The Recorder about the growth of the Los Angeles tech and legal markets.

The Recorder noted that the legal ecosystem has grown to meet the increasing demand for legal services from Los Angeles’ fast-evolving tech community.

“We are bullish on the LA tech ecosystem,” Brown explained. “We think it will continue to expand and grow. I am sure there will be new and exciting companies opening in Los Angeles, or potentially even relocating to Los Angeles.”

Brown, along with corporate partners Faisal Rashid, Ran Ben-Tzur and Sarah Chambless, anchor Fenwick’s new Santa Monica office.​

The office helps the firm better serve its more than 200 clients in the region — which include innovative startups, established companies and venture capital investors — and respond to the increasing demand in the Los Angeles technology, life sciences and investment communities.

Fenwick’s Santa Monica office — located at 228 Santa Monica Boulevard — recently added corporate partner Chambless and has grown rapidly since opening, now boasting more than 20 professionals.

The full article is available on The Recorder (subscription required).