Influencers Weigh in on Big 2019 Predictions for the CryptoBlock Arena

Fenwick payments co-chair Dan Friedberg and corporate attorney Liz Federowicz talked to Forbes about where they see the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector heading in 2019 and beyond.

“Expect to see compliant marketplaces for security tokens emerge. More and more companies will seek financing through security token sales rather than traditional equity,” Friedberg noted.

Federowicz added, “We expect to see stable coins that are backed by commodities and other assets, such as gold or artwork."

She also predicted that the entertainment industry will experience some changes, as Fenwick is seeing an increased number of entertainment industry clients embracing blockchain technology.

"Royalty tracking and privacy prevention with blockchain-enhanced DRM, decentralized film funding and profit-sharing, tokenized celebrity culture and support for creators are just a few applications that will ascend in 2019," Federowicz told Forbes, also predicting that the number and production value of blockchain-oriented podcasts will increase in 2019.

The full article is available on Forbes.​